Moonshot call 2023 has been launched

In 2023, Moonshot will focus on 4 project types. 

In 2023, Moonshot will focus on 4 project types:

  • Early Stage Innovation projects (ESI)
  • Later Stage Innovation projects (LSI)
  • Feasibility studies for companies (FSC)
  • Company-driven research projects (ICON, O&O).

Each year a call is launched for submission of ESI and LSI projects, for which knowledge institutions are the beneficiaries of the financial support. The call document, as well as the necessary “Motivated application form” templates for the ESI and LSI project type, have been uploaded in the Documents & Downloads section of the Moonshot website.

In case of questions, please contact the Moonshot team or email us at (moonshot[at]catalisti[dot]be).