Operational management

Catalisti, we mean business

Catalisti is responsible for the operational management of Moonshot. In a Memorandum of Understanding signed on 23 March 2019, the Flemish government mandated Catalisti to act as its driving force and develop Moonshot organisationally, substantively, strategically and operationally.

As the host organisation, Catalisti has set up a ‘Moonshot operational team’ and extended the project procedure it successfully uses today to include Moonshot projects. Based on the general objectives, the high-level ambitions and the input from the context analysis/roadmap study, concrete project ideas are identified and brokered by the Moonshot operational team in close collaboration with, and upon request of, the Moonshot research partners. This approach guarantees objectivity and openness to all stakeholders. 

The Catalisti Board of Directors (represented by the Industrial Expert Committee) is responsible for selecting promising project ideas that can be further developed into concrete project proposals. For energy-related project ideas (MOT4), the Flux50 Board of Directors takes up this responsibility, basing its decision on advice by the Industrial Expert Committee.

Governance facilitation and the follow-up of approved projects is also one of the primary tasks of the Moonshot operational team. This team ensures that the projects are carried out in a high-quality manner and that research results find their way into applications across the Flemish industry.

Within Moonshot, an operational budget is allocated to Catalisti to guarantee follow-up, evaluation, benchmarking and communication.