Scientific Advisory Board (WAR)

The role of the Scientific Advisory Board (WAR)

The Scientific Advisory Board (Wetenschappelijke Adviesraad or WAR) functions as a “knowledge cell” within Moonshot. 

The WAR is the sounding board and the expert panel that supports the Moonshot operational team and the MGB in their operational activities, in determining Moonshot priorities, and in framing specific initiatives within the long-term ambition of Moonshot as well as across various industries. 

These functions primarily require a sound substantive and scientific knowledge, but also industrial and economic insight. A combination of industrial, company-affiliated experts and academic experts delivers just that.


Industrial experts:

  • Patrick Plehiers
  • Max Fleischer
  • Rudolf Koopmans
  • Rudy Parton
  • Erik Van Praet 

Academic experts*:

  • Ronnie Belmans
  • Katrien Bernaerts
  • Guy Marin

* To ensure objectivity and avoid conflicts of interest with the submitting academic institutions, academic WAR members are not involved in the Moonshot project evaluation procedure. Only the industrial experts, collectively known as the ProjectWAR, are called upon to evaluate project proposals.