CLUsters for CO2 electrolysers to Ethylene.



CLUE proposes to develop the next generation CO2 electrolyzers for sustainable production of ethylene with reduced carbon footprint by designing novel, selective and highly robust electrocatalysts using an innovative approach based on the Cluster Beam Deposition (CBD) technology. 

In the CLUE project, CBD technology is used for the deposition of size selected bi- and multimetallic clusters with a very high and controllable homogeneity and desired morphology on adequate electrodes. This allows for steering electrocatalyst functionality and hence enhancing electrocatalyst performance (selectivity, production rate and stability). 

Moreover, extensive (in situ / operando) structural characterization will be used to fundamentally understand the structure-property relations during electrochemical operation under realistic conditions (i.e. at high current density and with industrially-relevant CO2 streams). The obtained insights will guide the cluster production to design electrodes with improved stability that will allow avoiding, circumventing or minimizing electrode degradation or performance deterioration in next generation CO2 electrolyzer systems. 

A prototype electrolyzer will be fabricated for long term operation and durable and cost-effective production of ethylene from captured CO2 and renewable energy.

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ESI Project
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€2 517 935

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