Chemical recycling of nitrogen containing polymers.


CHRONICLE aims to develop a pioneering platform process for the recycling of nitrogen-containing polymers (NCPs), with a focus on rigid PU (polyurethanes) and PIR (Polyisocyanurates). 

The project aims to fully valorize the polymer by, in addition to producing high value-added polyols, converting the nitrogen-containing fraction into valuable functional building blocks, namely diurea and diamines. 

In addition, as an alternative to recycling the building blocks for traditional PU synthesis, CHRONICLE also aims to develop non-isocyanate polyurethane (NIPU), a green alternative to PU, based on the recycled depolymerized blends combined with CO2. The innovative recycling process is based on ammono-/aminolysis and includes the development of the depolymerization reactions, process optimization, product characterization and model-controlled separation of the products. 

The effective development of NIPU will rely on functionalization, material development, characterization of functionality and evaluation of recyclability through a thermo-mechanical process using the dynamic bonds of NIPU, and alternatively through chemical recycling based on the CHRONICLE process.

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