Two Moonshot follow-up projects approved: Arclath-2 and Captin-2

Following scientific breakthroughs in Moonshot, VLAIO has approved two follow-up projects: CAPTIN-2 and ARCLATH-2. In these follow-up projects, world-class Flemish researchers will continue investigating products, processes and technologies that will help companies reduce their CO2 emissions.

Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) has recently approved two follow-up projects within Moonshot, allowing the projects CAPTIN and ARCLATH to continue their research activities and build on the results obtained so far.

CO2 Capture Processes

In 2020, the CAPTIN project took off seeking to overcome technological limitations in CCU technologies by intensifying CO2 capture processes. After a year of research, CAPTIN identified a series of challenges that require further investigation.

In the follow-up project CAPTIN-2, these challenges will be tackled using experimental test devices and models developed in the initial project. Moreover, CAPTIN-2 will also carry out a roadmap analysis.

Hydrogen Transportation and Storage

In the same year, the ARCLATH project started research to overcome current drawbacks in hydrogen transportation and storage by developing a radically new transportation and storage concept based on clathrates. Today, ARCLATH has already provided a proof of concept that shows hydrogen can indeed be encapsulated in clathrates under technically and economically relevant conditions, in terms of both pressure and temperature.

A follow-up project, ARCLATH-2, will now maximise the hydrogen storage capacity of the clathrates under similar pressure and temperature conditions. At the same time, ARCLATH-2 will define a practical process of reversible hydrogen storage and delivery based on pressure swing cycling at lab scale.

More to Come

In addition to CAPTIN and ARCLATH, other Moonshot projects have also requested support for a follow-up project. Moreover, a series of entirely new project proposals across the four Moonshot research trajectories has also been backed by dozens of Flemish companies. A final funding decision for all of these additional project proposals will be made by VLAIO in November 2021.