Moonshot organises first industrial Advisory Boards

In March and April, Moonshot will host its first industrial Advisory Board meetings. In these meetings, the consortia behind the Moonshot projects will inform interested companies about the status of their research. Companies, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to provide feedback to steer the research. The aim? Achieving maximal industrial relevance for the Moonshot projects!

Industry-driven research

Moonshot research is pursued at Flemish universities and knowledge institutes, who are responsible for the scientific development of the disruptive and innovative Moonshot technologies. In a later phase, however, these technologies will have to be deployed on an industrial scale and be implemented by companies. To make sure its research will lead to an actual reduction of industrial CO2 emissions, Moonshot actively involves companies in its operations through, amongst others, industrial Advisory Board meetings.

During these meetings, the universities and knowledge institutes will present the status of their research and share the interesting results obtained thus far. Meanwhile, participating companies have an opportunity to follow up on Moonshot projects from a front-row seat, guide the research by providing industrial input, discover and valorise innovative technologies in an early stage, and identify opportunities for the future.

Timing & Agenda

One virtual Advisory Board meeting will be organised for each of the four Moonshot Research Trajectories (MOTs). Click the links below to see the detailed agenda of each meeting.

MOT1 Biobased Chemistry AB
2 April (10h00-12h30)

MOT2 Circularity of Carbon in Materials AB
11 March (14h00-16h30)

MOT3 Electrification & Radical Process Transformation AB
19 March (13h00-16h00)

MOT4 Energy Innovation AB
24 March (14h00-16h30)

Please note that in this first series of meetings, only cSBO projects approved in 2019 will be discussed in detail. Projects approved in 2020 will only start as of 1 March 2021 and will therefore be included in a second series of meetings in the fall of this year.


Is your company interested in participating in one or more of the Advisory Board meetings? Please contact Merten De Kinderen ( (mdekinderen[at]catalisti[dot]be)) for more information on the registration procedure.