Six pioneering Moonshot projects ready for lift-off

Six new Moonshot projects have been approved in 2023 and will start researching technologies, processes and products that will help Flemish companies become more sustainable and will contribute to reduce CO2 emissions by 2050. Flanders has earmarked more than €14 million to fund the projects.

The approved projects are:


  • High Performance Protein Fibre materials
  • Coordinator: Han Remaut (VIB)
  • Partners: Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, UGent, VIB
  • Type: Early Stage Innovation (ESI)
  • MOT1: Biobased chemistry


  • Harnessing Pyrolysis & Biotechnology to Recycle mixed plastic waste to Dicarboxylic acids
  • Coordinator: Kevin Verstrepen (KUL)
  • Partners: Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, KUL
  • Type: Early Stage iInnovation (ESI)
  • MOT2: Circularity of Carbon in Materials


  • Alternative for PEM technology with non-fluorinated, integrated membranes
  • Coordinator: Ivo Vankelecom (KUL)
  • Partners: imec, KUL, UGent
  • Type: Early Stage Innovation (ESI)
  • MOT3: Electrification & Radical Process Transformation


  • Electrified catalytic non-oxidative methane coupling for separated hydrogen and ethylene production
  • Coordinator: Kevin Van Geem (UGENT)
  • Partners: UGent, UAntwerpen
  • Type: Early Stage Innovation (ESI)
  • MOT3: Electrification & Radical Process Transformation


  • Demonstration of direct electrosynthesis of CO2 to syngas
  • Coordinator: Metin Bulet (VITO)
  • Partners: imec, VITO
  • Type: Later Stage Innovation (LSI)
  • MOT3: Electrification & Radical Process Transformation


  • Translation of Ultra-High Performance Mixed-Matrix Membranes for CO2 Separations from Lab to Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing
  • Coordinator: Ivo Vankelecom (KUL)
  • Partners: KUL
  • Type: Later Stage Innovation (LSI)
  • MOT3: Electrification & Radical Process Transformation

Industry-oriented research

The strategic basic research within the Moonshot is carried out at Flemish universities and knowledge institutes, which are responsible for the scientific development of the disruptive and innovative Moonshot technologies. In a later phase these technologies will find applications on an industrial scale and will be implemented by companies. The Moonshot Initiative actively involves companies, in particular from the chemical, petrochemical and steel sectors, and with the help of the Industrial Advisory Board.

Over €14 million

The six projects will start in the first quarter of 2024 and will run between 18 and 48 months. They will be funded by the Flemish government with a total of more than €14 million in forward-looking subsidies.

From 2020 to 2040, the Flemish government will invest up to €20 million per year in the Flanders Industry Innovation Moonshot, for a total of €400 million.

The funds will enable the development of breakthrough technologies by 2040 through innovative research. Thanks to these technologies, Flemish industry will be able to implement new processes and produce climate-friendly products. These innovative products and processes will help Flanders to make the big leap: to make its industry circular and low carbon by 2050, and to meet its climate commitments.

The Moonshot program is coordinated by Catalisti. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Moonshot team at (moonshot[at]catalisti[dot]be).